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If you’re ready to quit drinking, then your next step should be finding an alcohol detox center near Columbus, Ohio. But with different options and treatments available, how do you know which one you need? And what makes an alcohol detox program better than weaning off alcohol at home?

Keep reading for answers to all of your questions about alcohol detox centers in Ohio and how to find the best alcohol detox near you.

Why Do I Need an Alcohol Detox Center?

Why Do I Need an Alcohol Detox Center?

Alcohol is a pervasive issue in Ohio. In fact, the latest Ohio alcohol addiction statistics indicate that as many as 25% of Ohioans may struggle with problem drinking. Clearly alcoholism is a clear and present danger for Ohioans, and the first step to fixing that is through alcohol detox.

If you’re thinking about quitting alcohol for good, it’s natural to experience some temptation to try home remedies for alcohol withdrawal. Some people say that drinking plenty of water or using over-the-counter pain relievers are enough to get you through withdrawals. But the reality is that, without an alcohol detox center, alcohol withdrawals aren’t just uncomfortable or unpleasant; in fact, they could be deadly.

When an individual has an alcohol use disorder, they most likely drink copious amounts of alcohol, possibly for long periods of time. In this way, the human body can become physically dependent on alcohol. That means that when you suddenly stop alcohol, your body and brain aren’t sure of how to function anymore. And that can cause a host of problems.

Some of the alcohol withdrawal effects that come along with detox at home include:

As you can see, alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be severe and even life-threatening. But you do not have to deal with these symptoms on your own. When you go to a licensed alcohol detox center in Ohio, you can get medical support that will keep you comfortable and safe during your alcohol detoxification.

What You Get at the Best Alcohol Detox Center in Ohio

When you enroll in Georgetown Behavioral Hospital’s alcohol detox program, your addiction recovery journey will instantly become easier and safer. Let’s take a closer look at the many benefits of finding help at an alcohol detox center near you.

24/7 Medical Supervision

One of the biggest advantages of a medical alcohol detox is 24/7 care from medical professionals. This means that you are kept comfortable and your withdrawal symptoms are actively monitored and managed. This makes the alcohol detoxification process much less frightening, which can be especially reassuring if you’ve struggled to quit alcohol in the past.

No Temptation

When you try to quit alcohol at home, it’s natural to feel tempted to relax. And even if you truly want to quit and you remove all the alcohol from home, another drink is never further away than a short drive or even a few taps on your phone. That temptation is hard to escape, and it has ruined countless attempts to quit drinking. But with an alcohol detox center, you are in a completely safe, alcohol-free environment where you don’t have to worry about the temptation to relapse. In this way, an alcohol detox program can give you the best possible start for recovery.

Treatment Through All Stages of Detox

Did you know that the most intense alcohol withdrawal symptoms can last for longer than a week? This includes the most dangerous alcohol withdrawal symptoms like seizures and hallucinations. But at an alcohol detox center, you can get support for seven to 10 days, which is enough time for your body and brain to adjust to functioning normally without alcohol. This is starkly different from an at-home detox, where you might only be able to get a few days off work before you have to be active again, which can make relapse all but inescapable.

Follow-Up Support After Detox

Ohio alcohol rehab

While detox addresses the physical aspect of addiction, a substance use disorder is much more complicated than that. Addiction is a mental health condition, and that means that it requires continued support from addiction and mental health experts. And that kind of holistic, comprehensive care is exactly what we offer with our dual diagnosis program.

With this inpatient treatment method, individuals may stay on-site for up to, on average, 30 days. And during that time, they can focus solely on their mental health and grappling with their addiction. This presents an opportunity to treat the root cause of addiction instead of the symptoms, which can lead to much better recovery outcomes. In short, this continued care greatly reduces the risk of relapse and improves long-term recovery success rates.

Professional Support to Quit Drinking in Columbus, Ohio

Coming to the decision to quit drinking is a major accomplishment. Now, it’s time to take the next step and enroll in an alcohol detox center where you can focus on your recovery. And at Georgetown Behavioral Hospital, we offer all of the key treatment options and levels of care that will prepare you for a successful, long-term recovery from alcoholism.

Do you have more questions about our alcohol detox center or how to pay for rehab? Call our admissions specialists at 937-483-4930 or fill out our confidential contact form. You’ve already started your alcohol recovery journey; now the only thing to do is take the next step.

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