Opioid Rehab Center in Georgetown, Ohio

Opioid rehab centers like Georgetown Behavioral Hospital can help you overcome addiction and regain control of your life. By offering numerous rehab programs to suit a variety of needs and utilizing the best evidence-based treatment options, we teach our patients the coping skills they need to pursue long-term recovery. Learn more about how we can help below.

Should You Go to an Opioid Rehab Center?

Should You Go to an Opioid Rehab Center?

Opioids are a class of drugs that often work to relieve moderate to severe pain. Examples of opioids include prescription medications like hydrocodone, oxycodone, morphine, and methadone; fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid; and the illegal drug heroin.

If you use heroin, or if you feel like you can no longer control your legal substance use, it may be time to consider opioid rehab. Specific signs that can indicate opioid abuse include:

  • Taking a drug more frequently or in higher doses than prescribed
  • Using another person’s prescription
  • Experiencing drug cravings
  • Taking a drug for nonmedical purposes
  • Lying to a doctor to receive additional or higher prescriptions
  • Continuing to use opioids despite negative consequences

If you exhibit the above symptoms, you may meet the criteria for an opioid use disorder. As such, you would likely benefit from going to an opioid rehab center for professional treatment.

Opioid Rehab Programs

Georgetown Behavioral Hospital offers multiple opioid treatment programs to ensure every patient receives the best care for their unique situation and needs. From detox to aftercare planning, you can find the help you need here.

Our addiction treatment programs for opioid use disorders include:

Medical Opioid Detox

When someone first begins opioid rehab, they may live with something called chemical dependence. This means that their body has grown so accustomed to a certain drug that when they try to stop using it, they will experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.

To navigate withdrawal as safely and comfortably as possible, patients may participate in a medical drug detox. This program involves the patient partnering with a detox team who can monitor their vitals and status throughout the process. Eligible and interested patients may also utilize medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to further minimize any discomfort.

Dual Diagnosis Program

After detox, many patients still need help overcoming the mental obstacles associated with substance abuse. To that end, our opioid rehab center specializes in dual diagnosis treatment, which benefits those battling addiction as well as other mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

Our dual diagnosis program is an inpatient treatment program, meaning that patients live at the rehab center for the duration of care. With facilities that include many of the comforts of home, we offer a tranquil, retreat-like environment instead of a harsh clinical setting. We believe this atmosphere is the most conducive to recovery as it minimizes stress and helps patients relax.

Best Opioid Rehab Center in Georgetown, Ohio

Georgetown Behavioral Hospital stands among the best opioid addiction treatment centers in Georgetown, Ohio. Several factors contribute to our ability to provide effective treatment, such as our variety of treatment options and careful attention to every individual’s unique needs.

Understand why these aspects of care play such a vital role in promoting recovery from substance use disorders below:

Evidence-Based Treatment Options

Evidence-Based Treatment Options

Our opioid rehab programs use only the best evidence-based treatment options in their recovery approach. The many patients who trust us with their mental health deserve to receive quality care in turn, and that means utilizing methods backed by well-researched data.

Some of the treatment options you may encounter during your time at our opioid rehab center include:

These treatment modalities work because they teach patients vital coping skills they can apply to multiple areas in their lives. For example, developing the ability to communicate in effective and healthy ways doesn’t just help patients express their substance-related challenges. They can also use those skills to maintain and improve their relationships for the rest of their lives.

The same can be said for many other skills learned during opioid rehab. Ultimately, we strive to prepare our patients for long-term success. With the added support of our discharge planning services, patients can exit our care feeling comfortable and confident about the future.

Individualized Treatment Plans

At the beginning of opioid rehab, patients undergo a  personalized psychiatric evaluation. During this evaluation, our mental health team assesses their current mental state, personal history, goals, concerns, and more. These evaluations will continue periodically throughout treatment to ensure the patient stays on track toward their recovery goals.

In addition, thorough psychiatric assessments teach our addiction and mental health specialists a lot about a particular patient. They use this knowledge to determine the best way to proceed with treatment for that individual.

We understand that every person in our care has been shaped by unique challenges and faces their own set of difficulties. Moreover, as someone begins to address and overcome these issues through opioid rehab, they may discover a new challenge along the way. By tailoring our treatment plans to their needs, we can meet any such difficulties head on.

Enroll in Opioid Rehab at Georgetown Behavioral Hospital Today

If you’re ready to prioritize your mental and physical health by tackling your substance abuse issues, we at Georgetown Behavioral Hospital are here to help.

To learn more about our opioid rehab programs, call our admissions team at 937-483-4933. If you need more time to organize your thoughts and questions, you may also submit a confidential contact form online.

Above all, remember that you can heal from the effects of opioid addiction, and you don’t need to do it alone. With the proper support and access to invaluable resources, you can restore the quality of your life and reconnect with your loved ones.


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