alcohol rehab Ohio

Are you seeking alcohol addiction treatment in Ohio? If so, then it’s important that you act now. Addiction, particularly when combined with other mental health conditions, will always find a reason not to get help. But the sooner you enroll in an alcohol rehab center, the sooner you’ll be free from the influence of addiction. In this way, not only can an alcohol rehab in Ohio help you quit drinking, but it can also help you regain control of your life.

But before you can enroll in a southern Ohio rehab, there are a few things to know about addiction treatment so that you can get the care you need. For most people, though, quitting drinking starts with medical alcohol detox.

Alcohol Detox Near Cincinnati, Ohio

alcohol rehab Ohio

When you first consider quitting alcohol, it’s normal to think of at-home detoxing by quitting cold turkey. However, it’s important to know that detoxing at home can be extremely dangerous. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be debilitating and make it almost impossible to avoid relapse.

The specifics of alcohol withdrawals will depend on your personal history, including your overall health and the length of time you’ve been addicted to alcohol. With that in mind, common alcohol withdrawal symptoms include:

Without clinical support, the only way to get rid of these symptoms is to drink again. And when people are sick and panicking, they are unable to prioritize their recovery, which leads many to relapse. Thankfully, however, alcohol rehabs in Ohio can keep you safe and sober during detox.

With 24/7 supervision by clinical staff, a medical detox program is the best way to quit drinking. Having immediate access to medical support means that your symptoms will be treated thoroughly and proactively, which will make you as comfortable as possible during detox. Moreover, being in a safe, sober environment drastically reduces your risk of relapse during detox, which is a major hurdle to quitting drinking.

However, you should not stop after completing alcohol detox. While alcohol detox centers in Ohio can help you overcome the physical side of alcoholism, there are other, underlying issues that need to be addressed in order to achieve long-term recovery.

Treating Underlying Causes of Addiction

Treating Underlying Causes of Addiction

Often, conventional alcohol rehabs in Ohio fail to consider the full scope of the issue when administering addiction treatment. For example, someone who drinks to cope with overwhelming sadness or stress does not only have an alcohol use disorder; there is also likely another mental health disorder present. But conventional alcohol addiction treatment may only treat the substance abuse issue, which can leave a lingering problem that will continue to hamper efforts to quit drinking.

However, there is specialized treatment available for alcoholism and co-occurring mental health issues. Called dual diagnosis programming, this addiction treatment program treats both addiction and co-occurring mental illnesses as two sides of the same issue. In this way, clinicians recognize that mental illness affects addiction just as much as addiction affects mental illness symptoms. And combining these issues in this way opens the path toward comprehensive treatment.

In our dual diagnosis program, we provide inpatient addiction and mental health programming. This means helping you learn to recognize patterns of addiction as well as mental illness symptoms, which can help you spot these issues in daily life and change your behaviors. Moreover, coming together with other people struggling to quit drinking can help you feel less alone in your struggle, which can make all the difference in recovery.

Moreover, our inpatient alcohol rehab in Ohio also offers relapse prevention planning. This therapeutic approach centers on identifying signs of relapse and making a plan for what to do in those difficult situations. In these ways, it can make all the difference for your long-term addiction recovery by helping you avoid a relapse, which would worsen symptoms of both your addiction and any co-occurring mental health issues.

Your Alcohol Rehab in Ohio Is Ready

There is nothing stopping you from quitting alcohol right now. All you have to do is reach out for help from trained, compassionate professionals who want to see you succeed. Right now, our alcohol rehab in Ohio is ready to help you make a lifelong change for the better.

Would you like to learn more about how we can help you quit drinking? Call our friendly admissions specialists at 937-483-4930 or fill out our confidential contact form. If you’re looking for an alcohol rehab near Cincinnati, Ohio, reach out so we can help you get your life back on track.

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