Co-Occurring Substance Use Disorder

co-occurring drug and/or alcohol abuse

Georgetown Behavioral Hospital treats adults who suffer from mental health issues alongside co-occurring drug and/or alcohol use disorder.

The program is designed for individuals living with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. Not sure if this includes you? Well, you might need dual diagnosis treatment if you suffer from any of the following mental health issues:

From Intake to Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Like with anything else, the most important part of dual diagnosis is the beginning. Care at Georgetown Behavioral Hospital starts with a high quality mental health assessment. During this process, a member of our experienced care staff will meet with the patient to discuss their mental state, history, and other important factors. This information will then be used to assign the patient to the appropriate level of care.

From there, Georgetown Behavioral Hospital provides the highest quality diagnosis, stabilization and treatment for adults with acute mental health issues, as well as detox for patients with co-occurring substance use disorders. This ensures comprehensive treatment of both addiction and the underlying causes.

Our care staff provides treatment with kindness, empathy, dignity, and respect. From the first day of treatment, patients learn about the destructive relationship between substance abuse and mental illness. They feed into each other, and the more someone uses drugs or alcohol, the worse their mental state. The worse their mental state, the more they need drugs or alcohol to cope. With treatment, our goal is to break this cycle.

co-occurring drug and/or alcohol abuse

Treatment Modalities Consist Of:

  • Mental Health Screenings: At the start of treatment, patients meet with one of our mental health professionals to discuss the issues they’re facing. This conversation ensures that patients are put into the appropriate level of care, which gives them the best chance at recovery.
  • Crisis Evaluation: In cases of mental health crisis, our staff  accepts patients with co-occurring disorders into our dual diagnosis program. From here, we work to stabilize the patient and build a pathway to long-term recovery.
  • Medication Evaluation and Management: In certain cases, medication can improve or worsen acute mental health crisis. Our medical staff meet with patients to ensure that their medications are helping, rather than hindering, their recovery progress.
  • Group Therapy: In dual diagnosis group therapy, patients come together to discuss common experiences, thoughts, and behaviors. These exercises help patients identify patterns in mental health and addiction, which aids them in achieving lasting sobriety and mental health.
  • Individual Counseling: These one-on-one counseling sessions are opportunities for patients to identify destructive patterns in their lives. From there, our expert staff members help patients develop healthier coping skills to help them move past these self-destructive habits.
  • Family Therapy and Relationship Building: When familial bonds are damaged, patients lose significant sources of support. Whenever possible, we like to help patients start to repair these relationships with guided, constructive talks with their family members.
  • Recreational Therapy: In these fun, engaging activities, patients work on daily life skills while continuing to heal.
  • Community Services Coordination (Aftercare and Discharge Planning): This aspect of treatment involves finding follow-up care to help patients make long-term life improvements.

You Can Find Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Across Ohio, countless people are suffering from untreated or under-treated mental health issues. If you are among this group, this is your cue that it’s time to get help.

Do you want to learn more about our dual diagnosis program? You can contact us online or call our admissions staff at 937-483-4930.



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