Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Mental illness is common. In 2019 over 20 percent of American adults experienced mental illness, a number that is expected to increase due to ongoing Coronavirus stressors. Given this, access to quality mental health care continues to be important. The best mental health hospital in Ohio will strive to reach all populations struggling with mental illness by providing services that help patients build strategies for a better future. 

Georgetown Behavioral Hospital near Cincinnati, Ohio accomplishes this by addressing acute and chronic mental health issues in a holistic manner. This means that our behavioral hospital treats the whole person, rather than just the person’s symptoms. Further, our Ohio mental health facility takes pride in offering effective, individualized, evidence-based, mental health treatment to each person seeking care.

Mental Health

Mental Health Programs in Brown County, Ohio

You do not have to suffer in silence with mental illness. Our treatment team will guide you toward mental and emotional health in the best psychiatric hospital setting around. Currently, Georgetown Behavioral hospital offers several programs to patients and their families to address adult mental illness: 

  • Adult Mental Health Program
    The Adult Mental Health Program uses holistically driven strategies to assure that each individual and their circumstances are taken into consideration. We start with discharge planning, or the discussion of patient goals for life after treatment. This way our team can assist each patient in working towards personal goals they set at the beginning of treatment.
  • Dual Diagnosis Program
    Many times when a person is struggling mentally they are also self-medicating with drugs or alcohol in an attempt to ease their symptoms. Eventually, this can lead to problems with addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, or illicit substances. At our mental health facility, mental illness and addiction will be addressed together, both independently and in terms of how one might affect the other.   

The treatment teams at Georgetown work together to assess, diagnose and stabilize patients. Placement will depend on the unique symptoms that a person is experiencing, and whether or not substance abuse is also an issue. 

Call us today to take your first step towards being a better you.

Common Mental Health Disorders

Our mental health facility offers inpatient mental health services to adults for a wide variety of mental conditions. 

Some of the more common mental and emotional health issues include: 

No two mental illnesses are exactly alike. For this reason, at Georgetown Behavioral Hospital we begin our mental health treatment with a personalized evaluation to determine the suitable course of treatment for each person. Therapeutic strategies and medications will be considered on a case-by-case basis in order to maximize the quality of life for each individual.     

What to Expect at Our Behavioral Health Hospital in Ohio

Mental Health Treatment

Knowing what to expect during mental health treatment or drug rehab can go a long way to calming concerns. Our process begins with an assessment and diagnosis. From here, a variety of treatment options may be used in a structured, daily routine. Examples of mental health treatments available include cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, individual therapies, and ongoing mental health education.  

Additionally, Georgetown Behavioral Hospital works alongside patients to establish a plan for life after treatment. This often includes either referring clients to ongoing programs or simply following up after inpatient treatment completion. This ensures that patients are considered before, during, and after treatment at Georgetown Behavioral Hospital.  

Mental Health Help in the Ohio, Kentucky, & Indiana

The best residential mental health facilities in Ohio are just a phone call away. Our location is convenient for residents of not only Cincinnati, Akron, Dayton, and Columbus in Ohio, but also Indianapolis, Indiana, Louisville and Lexington, Kentucky, and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.  

Enrolling in treatment is the first step to recovery. To learn more about taking the next step towards mental wellness, contact us online or by calling 937-483-4930 to learn more about our mental health treatment programs.

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