Mental Health Treatment Center Near Me

Choosing the right mental health treatment center near you is an important first step in working towards recovery. Behavioral health treatment programs can help you to manage your symptoms, improve your quality of life, and provide valuable coping skills that can last a lifetime. And perhaps most importantly, mental health care centers can give you the community and support you need. You do not need to deal with your mental illness alone–compassionate care at Georgetown Behavioral Hospital near Cincinnati, Ohio is here to help.

Mental Health and Addiction Treatment

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Roughly one in five Americans will struggle with mental illness each year. In addition, one in 12 develop a substance use disorder. With numbers that high, having a mental health condition is clearly a normal issue. But just like any other health issue, it often requires professional help. And by using mental health treatment services, many people can learn to manage their mental illness symptoms. The most common mental illnesses that we treat include:

Deciding to seek treatment for your mental illness is the first step in recovery. With a comprehensive suite of evidence-based treatments, a team of expert therapists and counselors, and a comfortable inpatient living center, Georgetown Behavioral Hospital has the experience and expertise to make recovery possible.

Recovery from Mental Illness

The recovery model of mental health believes that everyone can recover, no matter what their behavioral health challenges are. Some diagnoses–such as schizophrenia or a personality disorder–may never completely go away. But psychiatric treatment can make it easier to live with these conditions and prevent them from interfering with your life.

Call us today to take your first step towards being a better you.

The concept of the recovery model emphasizes regaining control over your life. And there is good news on that front—even people with severe and persistent mental illness can achieve normal levels of functioning and retain their independence. To that end, our psychiatric team will work to help you determine what your goals are for recovery and take a multi-faceted approach to help you achieve them.

In some cases, people with disorders such as anxiety, depression, or substance use can achieve a complete reversal of their mental illness with appropriate care. But even when mental health conditions are lifelong, mental health support is an excellent opportunity to experience relief. Depression symptoms can be reduced by up to 66% with medication and psychotherapy, which is enough for most people to no longer meet the requirements for clinical depression. Treatments for anxiety are similarly effective, with both medication and psychotherapy being highly effective at reducing the symptoms of anxiety.

Finding a Mental Health Treatment Center Near Me

Mental Health Treatment Center Near Me

When you have decided to seek treatment, finding a treatment center near you that can treat your specific needs can make all the difference in your recovery. But how do you know which mental health treatment center can help you? Choosing the right behavioral health center depends on a few key factors outlined below.

1. Evidence-Based Practices

Evidence-based practices refers to medical and psychological treatments that have been proven to help people overcome the symptoms of mental illness. Treatment is considered evidence-based when it demonstrates the following attributes:

  1. High-quality scientific evidence. The treatment has shown that it provides a tangible benefit to people with mental illness, above and beyond placebo or no treatment at all.
  2. Real-life results. Science does not always end in real-world results. Treatment methods need to be proven by experience to be considered evidence-based.
  3. Emphasis on patient values. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to mental health care. Different patients have diverse needs and values, and evidence-based care must incorporate those values.

This is the gold standard of all mental health and addiction treatment centers. While alternative treatments may provide relief for some people, they cannot guarantee the results of an evidence-based facility.

Evidence-based practices at Georgetown Behavioral Hospital near Cincinnati, Ohio include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Medication management
  • Family therapy

By combining several evidence-based treatment options into a comprehensive treatment plan, we can ensure that all facets of your mental illness are addressed. And that means giving you the best possible chances of recovery at our mental health treatment center near Cincinnati, Ohio.

2. Dual Diagnosis Care

Mental illness and addiction often go hand in hand. Nearly 38% of all people with substance use disorders have a co-occurring mental illness, which can substantially impact their chances of recovery. Looked at the other way, 18.2% of the 42.1 million Americans with mental illness also have a substance use disorder.

People with a co-occurring mental illness alongside addiction relapse at much higher rates after treatment if their mental illness is not addressed. For this reason, traditional addiction treatment options may not work for people with co-occurring disorders. On the other hand, dual diagnosis care emphasizes treating the whole person by addressing substance use problems and mental health simultaneously. A diverse team of professionals will work together to address psychological and behavioral problems, catering treatment to your particular needs and working with you to produce results.

3. Patient Advocacy

Nobody deserves to be viewed only as their diagnosis. Patient advocacy from a mental health treatment center near you ensures that your personal needs are met, that your rights are respected, and that you have an active role in the healing process. Finding a behavioral health facility that emphasizes patient advocacy is a sure way to find compassionate care.

4. Varied Insurance Options

The Affordable Care Act made mental health and substance use treatment a requirement for all major insurance companies. This is great news for people who need treatment for mental illness, but treatment facilities do not typically accept all insurance.

At Georgetown Behavioral Hospital, we accept most major insurance plans, including Medicare and Ohio Medicaid. And finding out whether your mental health treatment costs can be covered by insurance is as simple as making a phone call.

5. Long-Term Support

Life after residential treatment can bring challenges and setbacks. Providing long-term support for our patients is a hallmark of our treatment model, allowing people to maintain their recovery and continue to grow. With extensive resources available to our patients after discharge, we ensure that all our patients leave with the tools of recovery they need to live healthy, successful lives.

A Better Mental Health Treatment Center Near Me

Georgetown Behavioral Hospital brings quality inpatient behavioral healthcare to residents of Cincinnati, Columbus, Lexington, and surrounding areas in Ohio and Kentucky. Whatever your behavioral health struggles are, seeking treatment at Georgetown Behavioral Hospital can help you to regain control of your life and find recovery.

When you are ready to take the first steps to treat your mental illness, contact our admissions specialists by calling 937-483-4930. Or, if you’re struggling to take that step, fill out a confidential contact form and we’ll get back to you with answers. No matter where you are in recovery, there’s a mental health treatment center near you that can help.

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