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Ohioans have long been affected by alcohol and drug addiction, and for quite awhile, things have gotten worse. Did you know that in the year 1999, Ohio saw around 600 overdose deaths? That number increased to more than 4,000 by 2017, which clearly illustrates how much more dangerous addiction has become for Ohioans. But sadly, many people struggle to tell if rehabs in Ohio can really help them, and thus fatal overdose numbers continue to climb. That’s why we’re sharing information on how to tell if a detox center in Ohio could help keep you safe.

But first, let’s take a quick look at what has made substance abuse so deadly throughout Ohio.

Why Do Ohio Overdose Rates Keep Climbing?

detox center in Ohio

There are a wide variety of causes that lead to addiction and overdose, but today we’re going to focus on two big ones: fentanyl and COVID-19. First, fentanyl has been slowly sneaking its way into the black market drug supply, often without buyers’ knowledge. This creates two problems—first, that users can become addicted to a powerful opioid without even realizing they took it. And secondly, that people cannot take a less dangerous amount of the opioid because they don’t know that it’s been cut with fentanyl. This is theorized to be a driving cause behind growing overdose rates in Ohio.

Another relevant cause of overdoses in Ohio may be the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 brought a wave of unemployment, isolation, and anxiety that drove many people to substance abuse. In fact, the Ohio Attorney General noted that during the pandemic, the Ohio overdose death rate was the highest it’d been in 10 years. For detox centers in Ohio, this means that addressing mental health concerns may be just as important as traditional addiction-focused inpatient therapy.

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Whatever the cause, untreated addiction can destroy lives. But how do you know when to enroll at an Ohio rehab center? A good place to start is to take a personal inventory.

Should I Call a Detox Center in Ohio?

For people who use illicit drugs or drink more than they should, it can be hard to tell when the line is. When does substance use go from recreational to destructive? Sadly, there is no surefire way to know. But you can take stock of key areas of your life to see if substance use has become a problem for you.

Addiction is a far-reaching issue, so it’s important to look at different facets of your life to determine if you need the services of a detox center in Ohio. Here’s a list of questions to help you get started on considering the impact that drugs and alcohol have on your life:

  • Do you say that you won’t drink or use drugs on a certain day, then have trouble following through?
  • Is it difficult for you to show up for work or complete tasks because you are either using substances or thinking about using them?
  • Have you lost interest in activities and people that you used to enjoy?
  • Do you feel like people in your life are becoming more distant from you?
  • Does it feel like you’re always having financial problems?
  • Have legal problems started popping up?

If you found yourself answering yes to more than one of those questions, then addiction may already be wreaking havoc on your life. And while it can be tempting to handle this issue yourself, there are countless reasons to go to a detox center in Ohio.

Why You Need a Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

rehabs in Ohio

When someone realizes that they have a problem with substance abuse, the first response is often to think that they can handle it alone. This is understandable, since it can be scary to think about people learning that you have a substance use disorder. But it’s important to remember that addiction is a disease, not a personality flaw. That means that not only is it not shameful, but it’s also bigger than one person can handle alone.

When people choose not to use the services of an Ohio detox center, they usually instead choose to quit cold turkey at home. And on the surface, this has a lot of advantages—nobody has to know, it’s free, and you get to stay comfortable in your home. Sadly, however, there is one big reason not to try quitting drugs and alcohol at home: it rarely works.

There is a common misconception that someone can just will their way out of addiction. But when people try to quit drugs or alcohol on their own at home, they quickly realize that this isn’t true. Cravings become intense during detox, especially if you don’t have any way to manage other signs of withdrawals, like nausea, hallucinations, and even seizures. This means that not only is it difficult to stay sober while detoxing at home, but it may even be dangerous without medical treatment.

These things are what Ohio detox centers offer: safety and security. When you enroll at an alcohol and drug detox in Ohio, you can be confident in the knowledge that you have the best possible chance for recovery. With 24/7 medical monitoring, our team of nurses, therapists, and doctors can keep you safe and sober during this vulnerable period of addiction.

Choosing the Right Detox Center in Ohio

Once you’ve decided that it’s time to get help from a detox center in Ohio, it’s time to consider which center can best help you. There are many rehabs in Ohio, so it’s important to look for essential criteria that will help you choose which one will suit your needs.

For example, price is a big issue when choosing an Ohio rehab. To make sure that your insurance will cover your treatment, use an insurance verification form with an Ohio detox center. By filling one out, the rehab should check your insurance and be able to tell you exactly how much your insurance will pay for, which can get rid of all the guesswork associated with going to rehab.

Additionally, think about what comes after you finish an inpatient detox program. You’ll have drugs and alcohol out of your system, but that doesn’t mean your addiction recovery journey will be over. Consider choosing a dual diagnosis treatment center where you can address the underlying causes of addiction and take the next step toward complete recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Once you’ve found the right detox center for you, the only thing left to do is call and take the next step. If you’d like to enroll or learn more about our drug and alcohol detox, call our friendly admissions specialists at 937-483-4930. Or, if you’d rather ask your questions online, just fill out a confidential contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.

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